My Equipment

Radio on Icebreaker Atle

My primary transceivers are the Yaseu FT-897D and Yaesu FT-817. At my current QTH I have no possibilites for antennas so mostly I use the local radioclub's remote station, located about 1 km from my QTH.

I work at sea sometimes, and ofcourse I bring the radio. Unfortunately, the FT-897 is often too big and to heavy to bring in the bag, and those times the FT-817 is perfect! The antenna is a Miracle Ducker, and it works over my expectations!

I also have some handheld radios, and mostly I use two Puxing PX-777 (VHF and UHF).

I am no antenna expert but I like to "build-and-try". When I was on the Icebreaker Atle I had very limited possibilities to build antennas, so the solution there was a simple dipole for 20m, mounted between deck 8 and deck 9.